Speed Flying & Riding

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Speedriding is a new discipline of flying/paragliding and of ski freeriding. Its simplicity lends itself to a wide public range of opportunity: no need to have paragliding experience, only good skiing skills (on & off piste) is needed to Speedride. Indeed, this activity is practiced on snow, and consists of skiing & low flying using a pair of skis, a harness, a helmet and a small speed flying wing.

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The idea is to go down slopes quickly by mixing the glide on snow and light flying. Speed riding becomes speed kiting when the wing is used to pull the skier at an angle.

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Learning to fly solo (without proper instruction) is unsafe and is risky for other skiers. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEARN ON YOUR OWN!

The Dodd Family

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Margaret, Liam & Owen Dodd (The Dodd Family)

Since having a tandem paragliding experience in Switzerland a few years ago, my two teenage sons have eagerly wanted to learn to paraglide. I wanted to learn with them, but with a much higher level of trepidation and fear!  Kay Tauscher (Advanced Instructor & Owner at Peak to Peak Paragliding) has been the perfect teacher for each one of us.

Owen learning to fly
Owen “flying” in simulator

Her teaching style is very personable and supportive of every students individual process. With a wealth of knowledge and encouragement she has taught us effectively, with fun and with ease.  She has made herself available at every opportunity to streamline our learning time.

Liam @ the "wheel"
Liam at the “wheel”

My boys are now both well on their ways to becoming independent pilots.
The learning curve for me has been much steeper but Kay has stuck with me, gently encouraging my every step. I am so glad to be learning this amazing sport. If you want to give it a try I really can’t recommend Peak to Peak Paragliding enough.

Jacob Hildebrand

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Pilot: Jacob Hildebrand

Profession & Advocation: Environmental Engineer who enjoys Triathlons and endurance sports in his spare time!

Rating: P2 (w/ HA, 360, FSL, and FL) with Peak to Peak Paragliding in 2012

Instructor: Kay Tauscher of Peak to Peak Paragliding

Residence: Lafayette, Colorado. 40 flights as of mid-August 2012

Wing: Nova-Ion Light 23

Harness: Gin Verso.

Reserve: Gin Yeti.

Total system weight: 23 lbs.

Highest altitude launch to date =10,000 msl (with density altitude = close to 12K), Kenosha Pass, CO. Enjoying higher wind reverse inflations and plan on Over Water course with Chris Santacroce in Fall of 2012.

Goals: trail run and fly off mountains (hike n’ fly the big stuff); gaining and improving upon my flying proficiency, with some grace and an emphasis on safety (as my instructor taught me!) at launch, in the air, and during landings.

Latest Manufacturer News!

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Nova has confirmed the rumor that a Mentor 3 is ready to be certified for release in 2013. Those who know the Mentor series of gliders know that this is the best performing EN B wing on the market. The technology, performance and safety of this wing are simply unparalleled. Be the first to order one and get one before the spring flying season begins!

Gin Gliders

Gin is about to release the new RAGE acro wing!

Pearls of the Alps!

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Come and join us in late September 2014 for a visit to some of the gems of the Alps! Kay has guided several trips to various locations throughout the German, Austrian and Italian Alps and is joined by fellow Nova Team Pilot members for assistance in coaching and guiding these awesome trips. Matt Niccoli (new P2 pilot) has already committed to the trip and we are currently finalizing our trip plans. Don’t miss this amazing trip to a gorgeous part of the world to fly! A lump sum coaching fee will be charged and then all expenses will be self paid to allow the client to set their own budget and lifestyle along the way.watch John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 movie now

Jerry Patton

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Jerry Patton

Jerry Patton, Novice (P2) Pilot

Paragliding is awesome and my recent training experience to obtain my USHPA P2 rating with Kay Tauscher with Peak to Peak Paragliding has been exceptional.  The self-paced, weather permitting curriculum will deliver a fantastic opportunity to gain the skills necessary to fly with confidence.  Kay accommodates various personal schedules to help students achieve their ratings at the pace they want to progress.  The training site in Boulder is perfect for all student skill levels.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Jerry kiting in Boulder, Wonderland Lake Site

Jerry kiting in Boulder, Wonderland Lake Site

Kay is very clear from day one that she teaches with emphasis placed on form and technique and has a keen eye for the tweaks that will help you get the most out of every flight.  Based on my observations, there is a difference between learning to paraglide and learning the art of paragliding.  Kay Tauscher teaches the art of paragliding with a passion for every one of her students to succeed in their flying experience.~Jerry Patton, P2, Age: 48 Yrs, Westminster, CO.

Tandem flying…

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Gift Certificate for Tandem in Boulder CO

The weather is improving quickly this year for tandem flights. Get your reservation in now. Weekends in particular fill up quickly.

SCHEDULING: To schedule a flight or flights, you MUST purchase the tandem flight first prior to scheduling. Then contact by text or phone call Mauricio at  650-303-0059.  You give him the transaction number for your tandem flight and he will reserve you a spot.  All instructional fees including tandems are transferable but non-refundable unless prior arrangements have been made.

Peak to Peak has a perfect safety record for tandem flights and many talented and highly trained tandem instructors to take you flying.