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Carve from Gin

Clearly I have not been using my “blog” spot on the website…my last post was in 2012. I think it is high time that changed. Think I am going to start doing a bit

of chatting on here about different topics related to paragliding or our business in particular. Let me know if there are topics you want covered.

Today’s topic, safety. The focus of Peak to Peak Paragliding from day 1 has been safety. This sport and aviation in general can be unforgiving so the smartest thing we can do is to minimize the risk we take in the sport. Two things that can GREATLY affect the safety of our flights IMHO are doing a thorough weather check and then base your decision to fly or not fly on the evaluation you make. Secondly, a thorough preflight checklist is one of the greatest preventatives to problems at launch that I know.

Weather is a huge topic and probably requires many many blog posts so I am going to take the easy way out today and post our preflight checklist that we recommend using and explain each piece.  Our checklist (which you MUST memorize for it to be effective) is:

R 1 2 3 4 R S S T B

Gin Carve Paraglider

R ~ the first R is for RESERVE and it is first because you MUST check this before you put on the harness. Check that your pins (be they plastic or metal) are in place, as is your reserve handle. Many a flight has been messed up by launching and having a reserve deploy just off of launch. Not cool.

1 ~ one helmet strap / helmet is ON and clipped prior to putting on other gear.

2 ~ two biners are locked (check the gates) and you are clipped in straight (A’s are forward or out)

3 ~ three points of your harness (or 2 if a 2 point harness connection) make sure each buckle is fastened and checked that it is closed properly

4 ~ four “corners” of your glider (if it were a rectangle/ya I know it’s a stretch!) NO tears, sticks or tangles


R ~ Radio check (always fly with a radio and be in contact with other local pilots in case of foul weather, accident or helicopter in area for example).

S ~ Stirrup between your legs

BGD Lynx Wing

S ~ speed system (get this hooked up as soon as possible after getting your own gear) is connected AND routed properly

T ~ note direction you are set up to turn when doing reverse inflation (right over left you are turning clockwise or right/left over right you are turning counter clockwise)

B ~ Brakes go straight from your hand to the pulley and the knots are in good shape

CHECK this list every time you launch and if you abort a launch DO IT AGAIN before inflating and you will catch a lot of errors before they result in an accident. I promise you this will help your safety.

Cheers until my next post (hopefully in less than 5 years!) ~ Tausch (as my friends call me)BRuce Goldsmith Design Lync

Speed Flying & Riding

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Speedriding is a new discipline of flying/paragliding and of ski freeriding. Its simplicity lends itself to a wide public range of opportunity: no need to have paragliding experience, only good skiing skills (on & off piste) is needed to Speedride. Indeed, this activity is practiced on snow, and consists of skiing & low flying using a pair of skis, a harness, a helmet and a small speed flying wing.

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The idea is to go down slopes quickly by mixing the glide on snow and light flying. Speed riding becomes speed kiting when the wing is used to pull the skier at an angle.

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Learning to fly solo (without proper instruction) is unsafe and is risky for other skiers. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEARN ON YOUR OWN!

Latest Manufacturer News!

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Nova has confirmed the rumor that a Mentor 3 is ready to be certified for release in 2013. Those who know the Mentor series of gliders know that this is the best performing EN B wing on the market. The technology, performance and safety of this wing are simply unparalleled. Be the first to order one and get one before the spring flying season begins!

Gin Gliders

Gin is about to release the new RAGE acro wing!

Pearls of the Alps!

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Come and join us in late September 2014 for a visit to some of the gems of the Alps! Kay has guided several trips to various locations throughout the German, Austrian and Italian Alps and is joined by fellow Nova Team Pilot members for assistance in coaching and guiding these awesome trips. Matt Niccoli (new P2 pilot) has already committed to the trip and we are currently finalizing our trip plans. Don’t miss this amazing trip to a gorgeous part of the world to fly! A lump sum coaching fee will be charged and then all expenses will be self paid to allow the client to set their own budget and lifestyle along the John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 movie now