The Dodd Family

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Margaret, Liam & Owen Dodd (The Dodd Family)

Since having a tandem paragliding experience in Switzerland a few years ago, my two teenage sons have eagerly wanted to learn to paraglide. I wanted to learn with them, but with a much higher level of trepidation and fear!  Kay Tauscher (Advanced Instructor & Owner at Peak to Peak Paragliding) has been the perfect teacher for each one of us.

Owen learning to fly
Owen “flying” in simulator

Her teaching style is very personable and supportive of every students individual process. With a wealth of knowledge and encouragement she has taught us effectively, with fun and with ease.  She has made herself available at every opportunity to streamline our learning time.

Liam @ the "wheel"
Liam at the “wheel”

My boys are now both well on their ways to becoming independent pilots.
The learning curve for me has been much steeper but Kay has stuck with me, gently encouraging my every step. I am so glad to be learning this amazing sport. If you want to give it a try I really can’t recommend Peak to Peak Paragliding enough.

Jacob Hildebrand

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Pilot: Jacob Hildebrand

Profession & Advocation: Environmental Engineer who enjoys Triathlons and endurance sports in his spare time!

Rating: P2 (w/ HA, 360, FSL, and FL) with Peak to Peak Paragliding in 2012

Instructor: Kay Tauscher of Peak to Peak Paragliding

Residence: Lafayette, Colorado. 40 flights as of mid-August 2012

Wing: Nova-Ion Light 23

Harness: Gin Verso.

Reserve: Gin Yeti.

Total system weight: 23 lbs.

Highest altitude launch to date =10,000 msl (with density altitude = close to 12K), Kenosha Pass, CO. Enjoying higher wind reverse inflations and plan on Over Water course with Chris Santacroce in Fall of 2012.

Goals: trail run and fly off mountains (hike n’ fly the big stuff); gaining and improving upon my flying proficiency, with some grace and an emphasis on safety (as my instructor taught me!) at launch, in the air, and during landings.