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Cult Crossover Harness

Launch. Take your seat. Feel good.

LTF09 | max 120 kg

To create something new, sometimes you have to take an unusual path. For our all-round harness CULT, we performed movement analysis in various sports and did a deep dive into kinematics, ergonomics and product design. The result is a harness that sets new standards with its exceptionally high comfort, maximum safety, ease of use, slim and clean design and high-quality materials.
The basis for the exceptionally high comfort is a new force distribution frame, which ensures an ideal pressure distribution and support. The pilot immediately feels comfortable, steers his paraglider intuitively – and thus safely. For the first time ever in a paraglider harness, the shoulder straps
can be adapted individually to the length of the pilot’s back. The CULT fits the pilot like a tailor-made backpack. Also new are the loops marked with »+« and »-« on the adjustable back, shoulder and chest straps. Like the chassis of a sports car, they enable the cushioning of the CULT easily to be adapted to the preferences of the pilot or the current conditions – before launch or at any time during the flight.
Maximum passive safety is ensured by a mousse bag protector under the pilot, perfectly positioned side protectors and comfort foam on the back.
The CULT is aimed at novice pilots, ambitious class-climbers – and all those pilots who just like the intense feel of the slipstream.

No matter what your plan is – the CULT will thrill you with its innovative details the first time you slip it on!

Cult Paragliding Harness

Raising the bar for comfort and safety.



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International standard: The RECCO-reflector accelerates rescue operations and helps to safe lives.

RECCO®-Reflector Cult Harness

⇒ Get to know more about RECCO® on the official website.

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What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The pilot accounts for a third of the total drag, so the performance with a harness with a upright sitting position can vary greatly from that of a harness with a recling position or a pod harness. Agility can be effected too – this depends on how high or low-slung the harness is. Whether the harness has a seatboard also plays a decisive role.

What should I consider when installing the speed bar system?

The length of the speed bar must be adjusted to your leg length. Both line, right and left, must have the same length.

Which harness size should I select?

Select the harness size by how comfortably you can sit in it without sliding from side to side too much. The chest strap should not be drawn too tightly and not less than the minimum distance between carabiners. The carabiner distance depends on the weight of the pilot. Under 50kg = 38cm, 50-80kg pilot weight = 42cm, over 80kg = 46cm.

Differences between the Get-Up & T-Bar Systems

Get-Up System:

  • Enables a safer and more dynamic takeoff run due to the exceptional leg freedom.
  • The straps can be closed easily with just two buckles. This reduces the likelihood of forgetting to close the leg straps because the pilot has only two buckles that are connected directly to the chest strap.
  • The use of a Get-Up system makes it possible to actively influence the mechanical characteristics of the connection between paraglider and harness by means of the adjustment options (does not apply to Range X-Alps). The Get-up system acts as cross-brace, creating a better connection between the seat and the risers.
  • (without adjustment possibility) the mechanical characteristics can not be influenced, but the feeling in flight is less damped, since the system is inherently stiffer.

T-Lock system (consists of 3 buckle straps):

  • Leg straps must be closed separately
  • The T-Lock or “T-Bar” system runs from the center of the seat to the chest strap and ends with a T-shaped buckle that closes the chest strap. The belt runs between the legs to the chest, thus preventing the pilot from falling out even when the leg straps are open.
The harness gets in the way when I look up to visually check the canopy before I launch – how can I avoid that?

Like leading backpacks, the CULT4 has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to any size. If the shoulder strap is set to the shortest possible setting, make sure that you shorten the GET-UP system (leg loops) too. This prevents the harness from sliding up during the launch phase as soon as the glider lifts off.

Your CULT package

the crossover harness CULT comes with:

  • 2x Aluminium carabines
  • 1x V-Line
  • 1x Speed bar
  • 2x Side protectors
  • 1x Mousse bag protector
  • 1x Comfort foam
  • 1x Rescue release system including inner container
  • 1x Manual

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