Hybrid-Risers from Advance



Hybrid-Risers for Paramotoring

Can be used with or without a motor

Alpha 6 Motor Risers Advance

Upper support point

The Hybrid-Risers are fitted with two different hang points, so that the best match of harness and motor system can be achieved without having to change the brake line length.

Lower support point

With disabled Trimmer.

Trimmer released

With Trimmer disabled. These risers are fitted with trimmers. These can be used for both counteracting the turning effect of the motor and adjusting the flying speed.

Trimmer fixed

For flight without a motor the trimmers must be disabled by hooking them into the main carabiners. The wing then keep its paraglider certification.

Speed system

These risers have a speed system for use when flying without the motor.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs


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