Single Paragliding Lessons


This class is a mini-introduction to the sport and DOES NOT include any solo or tandem flights unless you purchase 3-4 of them in quantity.

PLEASE NOTE: All instructional fees paid are non-refundable.


Nova Prion 4 Paraglider

 One Paragliding Lesson

This class is a short introduction to the sport and DOES NOT include any solo or tandem flights. Typically the initial few lessons are conducted on the ground learning how paragliding works and what it is about. It does however include 2-4 hours of ground handling where you are clipped into the paraglider and are learning how to manage the wing.

If you prefer to purchase a few lessons that may take you through the first flight we recommend purchasing 3-4 of these single lessons. If you continue with the P1/P2 COMPLETE COURSE we will apply 1/2 of the amount you pay up front toward your P1/P2 course payment.

The length of the sessions are often dependent upon the number of students in the group that day, but a single session is up to 3 or 4 hours maximum on a typical day. If there is only one student in the class we can often cover the same material in 2-3 hours. Occasionally the classes may exceed 4 hours.

This class WILL include use of our gear. Reservations for lessons must be made well in advance, especially during our busiest months of May-October.

If you choose to continue with paragliding after this initial exposure, you will follow with the Complete Beginner Novice (P1-P2) Class.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Peak to Peak Paragliding focuses on the safety and competency of the pilot. We understand that people learn at different speeds and in different ways. So this course is designed to get most individuals through their 25 flights, novice paragliding skills or P2 rating and basic paragliding skills as prescribed by the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.  We will not rush you. You can take as long as you like or come out frequently and learn in short order. We try and design our classes around your needs. More than anything else though, we do our best to make the experience fun and encourage you to laugh at yourself and be kind (to yourself and others).


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