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The Adventure Intermediate | EN/LTF B

ION 5 – Evolution of a legend

Ion 5 Paraglider Nova

Making something good even better. This was our aim during the development of the ION 5. The result is a high performance, light and safe wing, which will impress you with its even better handling. Basically, a real ION.

Evolution instead of revolution. The ION 4 is this millenniums best-selling NOVA paraglider. The “ION class” has become synonymous with the ultimate in versatile paraglider. It stands for excellent performance, appealing handling and a high degree of passive safety. With the ION 5, we are raising these strengths to a new level.

Handling and glide performance for big adventures. The ION 5 responds directly to brake inputs and the reduced brake pressure makes long thermic flights more comfortable. The new wing tips and the fundamentally improved stress distribution improve the glide performance across the entire speed-range. The level of passive safety and the intended pilot target group remain the same as with its previous model. This makes the ION 5 the perfect companion for relaxed flights, even over several hours and hundreds of kilometres.

Lightweight. Like the ION 4, the ION 5 has been designed as a semi-light wing. We have built on our proven mix of materials, but a large area of the upper and lower surface is made with the new Dokdo 20D cloth. This cloth is even lighter, whilst simultaneously being more durable. At less than 5 kg (size M), this makes the ION 5 suitable for hike & fly, without having to worry about the longevity of the wing.


The ION 5 is suitable for a wide spectrum of pilots. It offers a high degree of passive safety and is suitable for use in schools (as long as your country sanctions the use of an EB B wing for training). On the other hand, the glider has impressive performance, which makes the ION 5 a wing for all occasions. It is a fun wing which turns like a dream, a cross-country machine, a tutor and a gentle acrobat all in one. It is suitable for gifted beginners as well as experienced pilots with cross-country ambitions. The demands on the ION pilots remain constant from one glider generation to the next.
An ION is an ION.

Useful information

  • Like the MENTOR, the ION has become a class of its own – and with good reason.  For years, we have been making wings for clearly defined target groups. What is being continuously improved is the performance, handling and the associated enjoyment of flight.
  • New wing tip design: The profile has been optimized, the chord is reduced and an additional cell has been added. The result of these measures is increased glide performance.
  • Latest cloth innovation: The new DOKDO 20D is 2g/m² lighter and during fabric testing has proved itself to be more durable  (in terms of  strength as well as porosity).
  • Latest line materials: The PPSLS65 from Liros are the thinnest sheathed lines on the market and are used for the brakes and stabilo lines. These aid ease of sorting and reduce drag.
  • Optimized ballooning calculation:  The wing’s ballooning significantly influences the stability, performance and handling. The ION 5 benefits from new modelling and simulation tools have enabled improvement of ballooning and, thus, the wing’s stress distribution.


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