Karma II Harness from Kortel


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Karma II

Fly peacefully…

The Karma II is our all-pilot harness.

Comfort, in-flight adjustable stability, passive safety features, and precision maneuverability are the Karma II keywords.

Karma II Paragliding Harness from Kortel

Type of Practice

Karma II Type of Paactice


Kortel Harness Features

Removable airbag scoop

A removable airbag scoop for storage to ensure a more durable and more efficient airbag

Kortel Harness Features


This wing is equipped with a permanent airbag, the Krashbox.
This Krashbox is shaped by a foam module guaranteeing the effectiveness of the airbag right out of the bag.

Kortel Harness Features


Full Airbag

Large airbag covering the entire surface of the harness.

Kortel Harness Features

Adjustable stability

Two-point “V” anchorage system, which acts as an integrated anti-forgetting system, with roll damping adjustable in flight over a large amplitude, for a smoother and more precise harness in the turn direction.

Kortel Harness Features

Self-locking carabiners

40mm self locking carabiners sold as standard

Kortel Harness Features

Chest ring Whistle

Security whistle accessible at any time.

Kortel Harness Features

Lockable airbag

Ensures a proper operation of the dorsal airbag even in the event of an important overpressure.

Kortel Harness Features

Aperture for the camel bag tube


Karma II Options

Optional footrest


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