Kolibri Harness from Kortel


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Kolibri, Unique!

Kolibri Harness from Kortel

The Kolibri is our light competition harness for Hike & Fly, or bivouac flights.

Three years of R&D have produced several major innovations:

Structure made of Dyneema halyard

Monoskin design.

Large integrated dorsal protection (foam or airbag)

Adjustements via a splice system

In the niche of bivouac and expedition flights, the Kolibri remains unbeatable thanks to its unrivalled comfort and high storage capacity.

Type of Practice

Kolibri Type of Practice


Kortel Harness Features

Comfortable speed-bar

The pressure of the speed-bar is diffused throughout the hips to reduce hard spots.

Kortel Harness Features

Large dorsal pocket

The Kolibri has the largest storage volume in its class.

Kortel Harness Features

45g Carbon Ring

A Kortel Design exclusivity. The carbon ring, twice as light as a carbon plate, much more durable!

Kortel Harness Features

Adjustment by sliding Splice

All the settings of the harness are made by an adjustable, simple, lightweight and extremely reliable splicing system.

Kortel Harness Features

Integrated Vario support

Attachment for mini-Vario integrated in the shoulder

Kortel Harness Features

Front rescue pocket

Rescue in frontal position with an easily accessible handle for safe and simple extraction.

Kortel Harness Features

Flexible connectors

Softlinks (strength 2300 DaN) for a safe and light connection with the glider

Kortel Harness Features

Camelback Fixation

The dorsal pocket integrates a fastener for the camelback.

Kortel Harness Features

Lower Pocket

Large storage pocket under the legs. Preferable to the back pocket for heavy or sharp contents which may otherwise harm your back.


Kolibri Harness Options

Sliding skirt

If speeding without touching the Kocon is not natural to you, this skirt will protect the bottom of the Kocon from the friction of the shoes.

Kolibri Harness Options

Sak Kolibri 80L

The backpack intended for the Kolibri in bivouc flight mode.

Kolibri Harness Options

Karbone plate

If the feeling of the carbon ring disturbs you, it is always possible to opt for the traditional carbon plate.

Kolibri Harness Options

Sak Kolibri 60L

The backpack intended for the Kolibri Hike & Fly mode.


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