leGPSBip: GPS Alti-Vario


The smallest solar-powered, vocal alti-vario GPS for paragliding!

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leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario ~

Discover a new easy and light way to record your flight, check your altitude and speed as well as to control your lift and sink – all in one small device !

Vocal GPS and altimeter

Tap twice on the device/helmet to get spoken altitude and speed.

Vocal announcement on touch

There are 7 languages available, and more to come.

Output format, fully configurable.

Automatic vocal announcment

leGPSBip can announce your altitude every 100m (configurable) while thermaling/sinking and both altitude and speed when you’re getting ahead.

Trigger conditions and voice format are fully customisable, to give you perfectly tailored information only when you need it.

Audio variometer

leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

Solar powered, leGPSBip accompanies you everywhere without any further preparation, and its vocal announces replace a screen, allowing you to use it in multiple ways and situations, simply clipped on your helmet or risers.

Here, you can customize the vario parameters (threshold, sensitivity, frequency, …), among many others:

GPS logger

leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

After your flight, connect your leGPSBip to your computer to visualize your flight path easily ! No software required : it works like a regular flashdrive.

IGC format
The IGC is signed and certified by FAI-CIVL, valid for any online ranking system.
Google Earth KML file
The KML file can be open directly via Google Earth, so you can visualize your flight path easily, and see info like max speed, max altitude, takeoff, flight duration, etc.

Tablet connectivity

leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

With provided micro USB to micro USB cable, connect your leGPSBip to a Kobo eReader to use them as a full featured flight computer, with all the bells and whistles.

GPS, Pressure, Accelerometer & Gyroscope sensors

leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

Performance variometer, using ultrasensitive accelerometer and gyroscope to get incredible sentivity and response time.

Miniature GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver, fully powered with the solar cell and internal battery for cloudy days.


leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

  • GPS logger: IGC, KML
  • solar powered
  • speaks altitude and speed in several languages
  • smart mode announces altitude and speed automatically
  • audio variometer in three volumes, mute mode
  • LED vario: lift and sink indicator
  • fully configurable
  • internal battery and fully solar powered under sunlight
  • 4GB internal memory: stores 10 000 flight paths!
  • USB mass media storage
  • connectivity (smartphone, eReader,…)
  • ultralight and compact: 5.7 x 3.6 x 1.7cm: 35gr (2.2″ x 1.5″ x 0.6″: 1.2oz)
  • available in 2 colors : Orange or Black


leGPSBip is ready to fly !

leGPSBip: Solar Vocal GPS Alti-Vario

Simply switch it on, select your language, clip it on your helmet, and you are ready to fly !

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Weight 0.075 lbs

Orange, Black


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