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The new Minari engine is now our latest offering on the ABM Low Hangpoint Miniplane style only (the torque is a bit much for the PSF). The ABM handles the torque really well, it’s a comMiniplane Minari Paramotor sold by Peak to Peak Paraglidingpletely different feel than when this motor is mounted on other frames – very balanced, light and climbs straight even a full throttle as a result of the ABM arms. The ABM arms are “bent” in the opposite direction than the Top 80 and Polini units, as the Minari is a belt drive, and turns the prop in the opposite direction than the gearbox
redrive. The frame is specific to the Minari, and will not work for other engines (you can’t swap Top 80/Polini/Minari).

This motor starts easily, and idles nicely right away, ready to give it’s power! The Minari will require about 10 hours of “break-in” at 2.5% oil mix, when it will run a bit rich and blubber a bit. After 10 hours, the mixture is leaned out to 2% (50:1 synthetic 2-stroke oil) and the motor smooths out. It is important to understand this and break this engine inproperly. This way, the motor has the best chances of giving a long life of service. During the break-in, vary the throttle and do not use full power for more than a few seconds.

The power of the new Minari engine on the Miniplane ABM frame is remarkable. The unit’s dry weight is 52.5 lbs and it has the same 12 liter tank for plenty of range. Now, pilots over 210 lbs, pilots at high altitudes or Tandem Instructors have a Miniplane Paramotor that will suit their needs!

First Impressions from a PPG Instructor:

Just landed from the first flight, 42 minutes. Top temp: 406F, averaged 330F-355F or so. Top RPM 7900ish as you said. Varied the power immensely, stayed away from full except for brief spurts. Power was blubbery as you said but would expect it to even out with time and fine tuning on the mixtures.

Power vs total weight ratio is incredible, I was walking around with this on my back and two thirds of a tank of gas like it was nothing. Torque is extremely well controlled. I’m surprised at how smooth the engine is, the vibration is quite minimal for such a large bore engine.

I’m very excited about this set up Chad!

    -Chris in CA, March, 2015

Additional information

Weight 52.5 lbs
Motor Size:

ABM 180 cc, ABM 200 cc


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