Gear & Lesson Packages – Basic, Beginner & Intermediate


Save money by ordering the entire Lesson package plus new equipment up front. The gear includes a paragliding wing, harness, reserve parachute, 2-meter radio & harness, paragliding book and half-faced helmet by SUP AIR. These 3 NEW options (Basic, Beginner & Intermediate) provide significant savings for those who want to commit to the sport up front. We have noticed in over a decade of instructing that those students who commit to buying new gear up front progress the fastest, fly the safest, have stronger flying & kiting skills faster and show up more often. Join the ranks of folks who have selected this option as an economical way to learn to fly. Be one of the THESE students. You won’t be sorry you did! NOTE: All instructional fees and gear packages are non-refundable and valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We will be sure you are provided with safe and appropriate gear for your skill level.





Learn to fly with Paragliding Gear and Lessons Packages

These Gear & Lessons Packages include the combined Beginner/Novice P1 & P2 Courses (see U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) plus a complete kit of new basic, beginner or intermediate paragliding gear. This includes the paragliding wing, backpack, speed system, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, 2-meter radio & harness, a paragliding lesson book and a half-faced SUP AIR helmet (sizes S-L).

Gear Options

  • BASIC PACKAGE ~ This package includes the Ozone Adam 3 or  SUPAIR Eiko EN A wing in your size (see info on harness & reserve below), Supair Start Reserve & the BGD harness.
  • BEGINNER PACKAGE ~ The beginner package includes either the Bolero 6 beginner wing by Gin, or the ADAM by BGD beginner wing, one of our many harnesses that sell for $950 or less, and a Shine reserve by Supair.
  • INTERMEDIATE PACKAGE ~ This package includes an Ion 5 paraglider wing by Nova chosen for your size or a comparable EN B wing that is recommended for beginners, a reversible harness of your choice and a square light reserve by Gin or Supair. The decision to purchase this gear will be made by you and your instructor based upon your skill level, fitness and occasionally age. We highly recommend that beginners start on beginner gear.
  • USED GEAR lesson & gear package. We offer a variety of lightly used gear to older model wings that are new. We do our best to accommodate YOUR budget. We promise to work with you to try and make something work. We only sell gear we are confident is in good condition.
  • Create your own gear and lesson package and we will deduct $150. The options are endless.


The Lessons

These packages include the entire beginner-novice (P1 & P2) lesson package from start to finish.  This option not only saves you money, we have noticed since we began teaching in 2003 that those students who commit to buying new gear up front progress the fastest, practice more, fly the safest with the most skill and show up more often which all adds up to better and safer novice pilots when you are done.  This is a GOOD thing. You do NOT have to commit to which gear you want upon purchasing the package. You are allowed to wait and try out different wings and harnesses and see what fits you best and fits your needs best as a pilot.

Join the ranks of folks who have selected this option as an economical way to learn to paraglide. Be one of the those students. You won’t be sorry you did.

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