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You can chose to either order the MONTIS lightweight harness on its own, or the MONTIS+, which is a combination of the MONTIS, our ultralight harness and the INVERTO, and our reversible rucksack.


The perfect climbing partner

MONTIS – ultra light, super comfortable

At approximately 300 grams the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness, is both light as a feather and extremely comfortable. Clever details like Friction Buckles help us to achieve minimum weight.

Light & comfortable. Either light or comfortable – we demanded both! The MONTIS weighs in at only 300 grams but offers a level of comfort not seen so far in this type of harness. Sit down, try it, feel good.

 Technically sophisticated. The MONTIS is a harness designed by mountaineers for mountaineers, which is full of innovative design solutions. One of them is the Friction Buckle – an adjustable shoulder strap which does not use a metal buckle.
Total flying fun. Far more than a harness for top-to-bottoms: The MONTIS is designed with  sophisticated geometry that ensures balanced pilot weight distribution to minimise any pressure points. This geometry allows smooth and comfortable thermalling.

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The Shape

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In focus

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Target group

The MONTIS is aimed at mountaineers who are looking for a minimalist harness which is both super light and comfortable. The MONTIS can be used in conjunction with the INVERTO – a clever reversible rucksack – to make a well thought-out hike & fly package with a comfortable, spacious rucksack and an airbag that protects the pilot’s posterior and back.


The MONTIS is complemented perfectly by the INVERTO, a cleverly designed reversible rucksack, which converts the pure mountaineering harness into a hike & fly harness with a high degree of passive safety. The airbag in theINVERTO not only protects the posterior (as is the case with other harnesses of this type), but also the back area. The rucksack is very spacious and is very comfortable to carry.

More information about the MONTIS+:

Montis Plus by Nova Reversible Lightweight Harness, Backpack & Airbag

The all-round hike & fly package with only 1.3 kgcsm_IMG_5809_6277a0c1e6

The flexible, safe & ultralight reversible paragliding harness

The MONTIS+ is the combination of the MONTIS, our ultralight harness and the INVERTO, our reversible rucksack. The MONTIS+ is more than a sum of its parts – it offers comfort, protection and unsurpassed flexibility. A harness for every mountain.

Stay flexible. Hike & fly is a science in itself: depending on the type of tour, the required equipment will change. With the MONTIS+ you are ready for any eventuality – from a gentle evening flight to an extreme alpine adventure.

Nova Montis Plus Reversible Lightweight Paragliding Harness

Well protected. With its in-built protection, the MONTIS+ looks after the whole spine, not just the pilot’s posterior. The protector starts at the knees and reaches up to the neck vertebrae. This means a high degree of passive safety.

Always comfortable. Whether on the ground or in the air: the MONTIS+ offers a lot of storage space (60 litres), is very comfortable to carry and offers a relaxed seating position. For a harness of this type and weight, the level of comfort is impressively high.

 In-flight Features

More comfort. The Montis harnesses with Split Loops use individual leg loops instead of a seat plate. The result is good manoeuvrability combined with pleasant damping and impressive smoothness during glides. Performance limiting roll is minimised.

Ultimate lightness.Harnesses with the label Light Weight are extremely light and are ideally suited for mountaineering. The weight reduction is made possible by an intelligent mixture of materials and a smart construction.
Fastened through friction.The Friction Buckle is an innovative fastener that doesn’t use a metal buckle. How does it work? Dynema cords are looped through one another. With friction, they are fixed in the desired position. The system is simple and reliable.
Air that protects. Airbags offer an unbeatable weight to usefulness ratio. Our airbags are constructed to inflate rapidly and to protect the pilot’s posterior including as much of the back area as is practically possible.
Everything without compromise. Not an ideal rucksack, not an ideal harness – traditional reversible harnesses have had to be a compromise between both. Our Inverted Bag gets rid of this contradiction.
The perfect fit. Our S and L sizes are not just scaled copies of the M size. Every size is individually designed. The result is Tailor-made Geometry: every pilot has the optimal seat position – no more “off the peg” disproportional geometry!

The Shape

Montis+ The Shape Nova Monts+ Harness Montis+ Shape Hanress Nova Montis+ Shape Montis+ Harness Montis+ Harness Shape Montis+ Harness  Montis+ Harness Shape

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MONTIS (lightweight harness only), MONTIS+ (Montis + Inverto)