Ozo Reversible Harness by Ozone


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Reversible harness / backpack made from ultra-lightweight materials.

Ozone Paragliding Harness

The Ozo is a reversible harness and backpack combination made from ultra-lightweight materials. It is a pleasure to carry on your hike and fly adventures as it only weighs 580 grams. Long gone are the days of slogging up the mountain with 20kg!

Thhis harness is designed specifically for use with Ozone’s range of modern lightweight wings, but can be used with any paraglider. For over a decade, the Ozone research and development team has been deeply involved with the development of lightweight flying equipment, and the Ozo is the culmination of years of focus combined with the work of the newest engineer on the Ozone R&D Team, Fred Pieri.

The Ozo is available in two sizes; 26L and 33L, weighing in at 580g and 585g, respectively. Every detail of this harness construction has been optimized for weight, and it is one of the lightest available reversible harnesses in the market. Although the Ozo is extremely lightweight, it is fully load tested and will last for many seasons of use if properly cared for.

In the backpack configuration, the Ozo is comfortable and stable on long ascents. Ultra-light, ergonomic 3D foam straps distribute the load evenly on your shoulders, and there is adequate internal volume for water, helmet, gloves and all your other flying essentials.

While a certain amount of compromise is unavoidable, Ozone Gliders’s have made the Ozo comfortable enough for extended flights. Reinforced semi-rigid leg supports spread your weight across a wider section of the harness than other ultra-lightweight mountain / descent harnesses, making soaring and XC flights comfortable. All leg and shoulder straps are fully sewn and buckle free. The harness is adjustable in the air and on the ground.

The two sizes of the Ozo (26L & 33L) refer to the volume of the backpack compartment, and not to the harness dimensions, which are the same for both models. The flying harness is available in one size and fits most pilots comfortably. Choose the size of your Ozo harness based on your equipment and its total packed volume. We recommend:

  • 26L: XXLite 16 &19; Ultralight 19, 21 or similar
  • 33L: Ultralite 21, 23, 25 or similar


  • 26L: 580g
  • 33L: 585g
  • Recommended pilot size: 165cms – 190cms
  • Buckle-free harness, with shoulder strap length adjustments and real pulleys for speed system.
  • Harness is sold without carabiners


  • Main Panels: Ripstop Nylon
  • Pulleys: AUSTRIALPIN Aluminium / copper
  • Structural Thread: BAINBRIDGE polyester.
  • Structural webbing: Gurth & Wolf Polyester 20mm, TECHNISANGLE Dyneema 7mm
  • Shoulder webbing: Polyester 15mm
  • Bag cloth: Dominico 40D, Nylon

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