P3 Intermediate Paragliding Class


Learn advanced paragliding skills! Peak to Peak provides a lesson plan that will guide a pilot from their P2 to their P3 (Intermediate) rating including testing and study guides.  Once completed, you will be signed you off on the P3 rating. Outside classes (such as over water courses) will be required to complete the rating as well.  NOTE: All instructional fees are non-refundable. 



P3 Intermediate Paragliding Class
Jerry kiting in Boulder, Wonderland Lake Site

P3 Intermediate Class

The P3 Intermediate Paragliding Class designed to guide and coach novice (P2) students through more advanced skills get USHPA Intermediate rating. Pilots have 2 years in which to complete the program. The P3 Intermediate Paragliding Class includes guidance to help you pass the P3 test, learn to thermal and assistance learning the other P3 requirements.

Peak to Peak Paragliding prides itself hands on learning regardless of the level of education. The P3 will include in air guidance to help you learn how to feel and fly in thermals, deal with collapses and other more advanced skills required to fly safely as you advance in your flying career.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Peak to Peak Paragliding focuses on the safety and competency of the pilot and beginners learn at different speeds. So this course is designed to get most individuals through their first 4 flights and basic skills. However if the instructor feels you need more sessions to complete the course you may be asked to sign up for the P2 class or pay for the additional sessions on a per session basis. We will not rush you; we want you to be ready to fly when you fly.


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