Paragliding: A Pilot’s Training Manual


Wills Wing has released a new 8th edition of its very popular book, Paragliding – A Pilot’s Training Manual. The 8th edition includes an expanded Bonus DVD, now with a full 90 minutes of narrated video footage.

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Paragliding Training Manual

This is the book considered required reading for the Novice and Intermediate Ratings from Peak to Peak Paragliding.

Enhancements in the new 8th edition include numerous additional photos and improved illustrations, and significantly expanded content, including new material on the latest and most proven kiting techniques. Both the written manual and the accompanying DVD have been expanded and enhanced. The eighth edition is now available in two bindings, paperback or hardcover.

Mike Masterson, paragliding instructor – West Coast ParaglidingBrilliant!! The DVD works as a great companion to the book. Full of entertaining scenes and valuable info. Showed plenty of footage of how to do things right and some dramatic footage of when things go wrong. The book presents the technical info in a progressive and organized manner that is not geeky, boring or intimidating. I bought 5 of them to see if students like the book and DVD as much as I do.

In the past, I have given students training books and said: don’t read this part, ignore this, this is wrong, don’t worry about this. Not with this book and DVD. It will inspire the student to get with their instructor and practice all the things they read and watched.
It doesn’t pull any punches on the potential danger of the sport. The DVD even shows that famous crash footage of a pilot launching in high winds, jamming the speed bar, getting a violent and huge asymmetric with 180 rotation and surge to impact, plus the footage of the time that the pilot had the huge asymmetric, near stall, then massive surge where he was slung over the top of the wing and flew on.
This book is how a training manual should be… Full of information, not boring and not an insult to instructors.


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