Powered Paragliding Lessons


The powered paragliding lessons begin with the beginner/novice (P1/P2) paragliding course and progress into powered flight over time. This course requires purchase of gear, including the motor, from Peak to Peak Paragliding. Note: All instructional fees and gear purchases are non-refundable.


Powered Paragliding Lesson Package

This Powered Paragliding Lesson package is intended for the student who is ready to commit to learning to fly paramotors. It will take you through the basics of free flight~ launching, landing, controlling the wing, etc.

For these lessons you must buy your paramotoring gear prior to the class an through Peak to Peak Paragliding. We will select appropriate gear together and will find the best setup for your interests and budget.

More and more of our paramotoring students are moving to flying a trike or quad to avoid knee or back injuries. This means launching and landing on wheels, not your feet.


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