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The Propulse Titan has been created with one main purpose in mind, to offer a light weight yet strong and powerful unit.

The key to the Propulse Titan’s success is combining a light yet strong titanium frame and cage, a super light weight harness and two light weight engine options, the EOS 100 Booster and the Vittorazi Moster 185.

Propulse Titan 100 (EOS 100 Booster engine) weight: 43 lb.

Propulse Titan 185 (Vittorazi Moster 185 plus engine) weight: 53 lb.

The Titan is packed with great features including a unique quick cage removal and install system.

Titan Paramotor


A titanium frame and cage that offers simplicity and the best performance.

The cage system allows you to remove the cage in two sections in seconds, due to the innovative ratchet net tensioning system.

Frame and Cage Propulse Paramotor Titan

If you are planning to travel around, The Titan cage breaks down completely for transport similar to other cages.

Titan Propulse Paramotor Frame


The Propulse Titan uses the latest weight shift system. To counter the torque effect, the weight shift bar and harness system is offset by cleverly using two different sized extensions out and away from the frame where the weight shift bars pivot. Since both the EOS and the Moster are belt drive, the torque for both motors is to the right. Since the right extension is longer than the left extension, the paramotor twists right to steer left.

Peak to Peak Paragliding Paramotor


The super light Propulse harness made by Apco is designed for pilots looking for maximum comfort in take off and in flight without adding extra weight to their set up.

Paramotor Propulse Titan 100/185 Harness

The results are evident with this harness, improved with many additional extras and options to satisfy even the most discriminating pilot.

Paramotor Propulse Titan Harness


The Propulse Titan is available with two power plants, the EOS 100 and the Moster 185. Both engines have proven track records, which is why other leading paramotor manufacturers are using these engines as well.

The EOS 100 Booster, made in Austria, is lighter than the TOP80 and has approximately the same or slightly more power. Like the TOP80, the EOS is quiet and fuel efficient. The EOS is very smooth throughout the power range and provides instant power when you squeeze the throttle.Propulse Paramotor

The Vittorazi Moster 185 is the lightest and most reliable power in its category. Improved continuously over the years, the latest version, the Moster 185 Plus, has a clutch with an easy flash start. Other versions of the Moster are available for special order, though most will order the Plus.


Gas Tank Paramotor Propulse Titan Paragliding

The Propulse Titan throttle is very ergonomic and comfortable. You can choose the throttle position, left hand side or right hand side.

The 12 Lt. (3.2 gallon) gas tank is very easy to remove and install.

Throttle and Gas Tank Paramotor Propulse Titan 100/185


The Propulse Titan is offered as standard with a high quality wooden propeller and as an upgrade option with a carbon fiber propeller.

Titan Propulse Paramotor Propellers Wooden

Propellers Paramotor Propulse Titan

Thank You Phil Russman and Jeff Going for this beautiful video review of the Propulse Titan 100!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Engine Type

EOS 100 Booster, Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus (+$100.00)


Wood, Carbon Fiber (+$175.00)

Throttle Position

Left Hand Side, Right Hand Side

Harness Options

None, Side Pocket (+$30.00), Emergency Parachute Pocket (+$65.00)

Reserve Parachute

No Reserve Parachute, Oops 90 (Up to 200lbs Total Weight) (+$745.00), Oops 110 (Up to 250lbs Total Weight) (+$770.00), Oops 135 (Up to 300lbs Total Weight) (+$825.00)


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