Range X-Alps 2 Harness by Skywalk


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Range X-Alps 2 Harness

Minimum weight. Maximum aerodynamics. Full comfort.

The RANGE X-ALPS 2 is the first choice for Hike&Fly athletes and XC pilots who want to go to the limit in competitions or who insist on extremely light gear. Its detailed design is tailor-made for pilots looking for the ultimate, safe and amazingly comfortable harness for XC- and bivouac flights, when every gram counts. The RANGE X-ALPS 2 meets the highest demands of top international athletes –  such as Paul GuschlbauerSimon Oberrauner and Ferdinand van Schelven in aerodynamics, weight and pack volume.

Its ingenious design and many features ensure comfort and safety in flight so that you can concentrate on your next big goal. The Power Frame of the RANGE X-ALPS 2 distributes the weight of the pilot and the applied forces evenly over the entire seat shell and offers optimal support without pressure points. The pilot sits stably, neutrally and comfortably and steers his paraglider intuitively, keeping an even keel even in turbulence. In the event of a collapse, he can sit up quickly and assume a compact body posture. The second pioneering innovation is the PermAir protector. It combines the advantages of foam protectors with those of ram air protectors and offers high damping already during launch with a minimum packing volume. The airbag is inflated with the included Inflation Bag and protects your buttocks, back and lumbar vertebrae right from the start. After landing, just let the air out, collapse the harness in a few seconds down to the size of a towel, and stow it in the backpack.

Our development team didn’t compromise comfort when developing the RANGE X-ALPS2. A simple two-way get-up system provides easy access, while easy-to-find adjustment straps allow you to adjust the backrest perfectly to your individual sitting position, even during flight.

Range X-Alps Skywalk Harness

Range X-Alps Features PermAir

Range X-Alps Details

Protector with PermAir Technology

Combines the advantages of foam protectors with those of ram air protectors, offers high damping already during launch, minimum packing volume.

Inflation Bag for Range X-Alps Range X-Alps Features Range X-Alps Inflation Bag

Did you know?

> The inflation bag is not only a carrying bag, it´s also bellows. Once filled with air, the PermAir protector can be easily inflated by connecting the valve and pressing down. A breeze!

Range X-Alps Features

Skywalk Range X-Alps Power Frame

Power Frame

Ensures ideal load distribution and support – highest flying comfort guaranteed!

Range X-Alps Power Frame

Did you know?

> Our harnesses with Power Frame distribute the acting forces optimally to the pilot. Ideally, the pilot receives optimal support in every position, just like in a modern office chair. If the harness fits perfectly, he can control his glider intuitively even in turbulence.

Range X-Alps Lightweight Harness

Range X-Alps Skywalk Features

Range X-Alps Minimum Pack Size Range X-Alps Pack

Minimum Pack Size

The harness can be folded super small due to its  structure and therefore has a minimum pack size.

> Extremely light with minimal space: The RANGE X-ALPS2 meets both requirements with flying colors!

> On the photo: The harness in the inflation bag – compared to our smallest rescue the PEPPER CROSS LIGHT 90

Inflation Bag Skywalk Range X-Alps Range X-Alps Inflation Bag

Did you know?

> To save space and weight, let´s use the inflation bag to kill two birds with one stone: The bag serves both as carrying bag for the harness and as a bellows for the protector. This feature is unique and a milestone in harness development. The inflation bag can easily be filled with air by opening it. The tube of the PermAir protector can be attached to a valve located on the inflation bag. In addition, the inflation bag has a >>Roll Top<< that guarantees the ideal pack size.

Aerodynamically Optimized Fairing Range X-Alps Range X-Alps Skywalk Storage Compartment Range X-Alps Front Rescue System With Integrated Cockpit

Range X-Alps RECCO®-Reflector


International standard: The RECCO-reflector accelerates rescue operations and helps to safe lives.

⇒ More about RECCO® on the official homepage

Skywalk Range X-Alps

Technical Data

Technical Data Skywalk Range X-Alps



Skywalk Range X-Alps Materials



Range X-Alps Petrol Color

Range X-Alps Features Skywalk Range X-Alps Details


What effect does the harness have on the way a glider flies?

The pilot accounts for a third of the total drag, so the performance with a harness with an upright sitting position can vary greatly from that of a harness with a recling position or a pod harness. Agility can be effected too – this depends on how high or low-slung the harness is. Whether the harness has a seatboard also plays a decisive role. The sooner the leg straps of the Get-up system become taut, the faster the damping effect will set in. Since the POWER FRAME also ensures an even weight distribution under the seat surface of the RANGE X-ALPS2, you will not miss the bulky seat board. Instead, you will quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of the hammock principle.

What should I consider when installing the speed bar system?

The length of the speed bar must be adjusted to your leg length. Both line, right and left, must have the same length. The speed bar on the RANGE X-ALPS2 comes already mounted and pre-set.

Does the harness require any special handling?

In general, extra care must be taken when handling the harness due to the lightweight materials used. The harness should be treated especially gently when donning and removing it. (The outer skin of the harness serves to improve the aerodynamics and is not part of the load test).

For which target group is the harness suitable?

The harness is designed for the toughest adventure race in the world, the Red Bull X-Alps. It is suitable for pilots who are used to flying with a harness without a seat board, as well as for those who understand how to handle a lightweight harness.
Compared to its predecessor, however, the RANGE X-ALPS2 is easier to handle. Thanks to its use of the latest technologies, it is more comfortable and easier to fly in the air.

How much should the PermAir protector be inflated?

The human lung can manage 0.2 bar on average. This pressure should not be exceeded. Make sure you close the tube in 3 seconds or less. If there is a large elevation difference between launch and landing sites, use the rule of thumb: PermAir max full!

Can I change the chest strap setting on my RANGE X-ALPS2 harness?

No – the chest strap is integrated in the support of the front mounted reserve container and foot pod. Shortening or lengthening it would either cause the reserve to sag inwards, or the pod fabric to become tensioned and possibly fail.

Your RANGE X-ALPS package

The ultralight competition harness RANGE X-ALPS2 comes with:

  • 1x Harness
  • 1x Inflation Bag
  • 1x PermAir Protector incl. hose and plug
  • Carbon Sandwich foot plate
  • 1x Speed bar
  • 2x Carabiner
  • 1x V-Line
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Frontcontainer incl. Cockpit

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