Tandem Paragliding Flight

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Fly like an eagle! Take a discovery paragliding tandem flight to experience the joy of free flight with a tandem instructor. Tandem paragliding flights in Boulder, Colorado will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Use the calendar below to schedule your preferred day and time to take your tandem. Note that we may adjust the start time of your flight based on weather and scheduling restrictions. Please note that minors (under 18 years old) MUST have parent present to cosign the forms unless they arrange to meet us face to face in advance to sign the waivers and 30 day membership forms with the minor passenger.

24-hour notice is required to book online. If you with to book a tandem sooner, please text us at 720-369-3080 to check availability. (If you do not receive a prompt response, please text 303-817-0803.)

Our online booking system allows you to book only 3 people at a time. For larger group requests, please contact us directly at the number above. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Cancellation Policy: All tandem fees are non-refundable unless prior arrangements have been made. You may reschedule your flight up to 48 hours in advance. In the case of foul weather, we will reschedule with you.



Take enjoy a discovery  tandem paragliding flight! Tandem flights are a method of experiencing free flight on a paraglider without having the responsibility of flying the glider yourself. Tandems are flown mostly April through September, weather permitting.

The length of the flight may vary drastically from one to the next depending on weather conditions. We do our best to stay aloft. However, when there is little lift, we may be unable to do so.  Flight times vary from 3 to 15 minutes on average and are sometimes longer. We do not provide partial or full refunds due to flight duration. The concept of these flights is to expose you to the sensation of flying without the responsibility of having to fly the paraglider yourself.

Peak to Peak Paragliding provides highly trained tandem instructors with special skills and top ratings, along with top-of-the-line and state of the art gear for your tandem flight. Our cost also provides you with a temporary membership to the national organization USHPA, 3rd party liability insurance, site insurance covering the City of Boulder (which allows us to fly), and permits with the City of Boulder. We highly encourage you to focus on the FEELING of free flight and if you decide you want to experience this more, we encourage you to sign up for solo lessons with either a one session class or complete Beginner/Novice (P1/P2) paragliding class.


To coordinate a flight with us please pay for this product and then schedule your flight on our online booking system.

Complete the following forms prior to the flight if possible. Feel free to print these out and bring them with you:

Weight range for tandems is generally 100-240 lbs. If person flying is over 210 lbs or under 115, please let us know.  You can likely still fly, but it might have to be with a specific pilot due to wing loading limitations. Similarly, lighter passengers may need to be flown on smaller tandem wings. There are no specific age limitations to fly. However, please indicate the age and weight of the person when making the reservation.

The passenger should be in healthy mental and physical health and able to run for 20-30 feet at a time without a physical problem. We require you to notify us in writing in advance if you have diabetes or heart conditions that could affect you before, during or after the flight. In this case, we require a note from your physician in advance stating that it is safe for you to fly tandem. 

Minors must have the signed consent of the guardian in order to fly and we prefer a parent be present at the time of the flight in order to sign the appropriate waivers. 

The meeting spot is Foothills Community Park. Here is a live link with DIRECTIONS to the meeting spot unless otherwise indicated by your tandem instructor.



Please touch base with us a day or two before your flight(s). We will watch the weather and may need to adjust the time or day of your flight based on the conditions. The best way to reach us is to text both of these numbers: 303-817-0803 and 720-369-3080.  Your confirmation and time adjustments will likely come in the form of an email so keep an eye out for it and modifications to it.

Bring a jacket, long pants, hiking shoes or boots (something with ankle support is best), sun glasses, water, snacks (bars), and a great attitude. Contact us with further questions.


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