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The Mini-Bullet Trike & Minari Paramotor Combo: Here is a great package for pilots looking to move into PPG Triking. The TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet is specifically made for the lighter motors and pilots. This design is for the paraglider version only and is FAA Part 103 legal as an Ultralight Vehicle or Aircraft.


Part 1 of the Combo:  TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet

Minari ParamotorHere is a great package for pilots looking to move into PPG Triking! A trike paramotor combo!

The TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet is specifically made for the lighter motors and pilots. This design is for the paraglider version only and is FAA Part 103 legal as an Ultralight Vehicle or Aircraft.

The TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet version 3.2 is now ready! This is our latest design that features our new and simpler rear frame and the lower, wider upper bar setup of version 3, which gives the pilot better visibility and makes it easier to get into the trike from above.

Also Available: TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet “Stretch” V3.2
The TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet “Stretch” Version 3.2 is now available for long legged pilots! This new addition to the TrikeBuggy Family includes the Extra-Long Front Downtube and Extra-Long Curved Tubes to add another 4″ of length to the TrikeBuggy.

Made for the smaller motors!
This new TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet is perfect trike paramotor combo for the new generation of lighter, smaller motors like the Miniplane, Minari, and other paramotors with 200cc or less. The shorter wheelbase makes this TrikeBuggy lighter and more maneuverable. The Mini-Bullet still features the Slider Axles to minimize width for transport and still giving a wider stance for flight. With our various wheel options, the Mini-Bullet can be made even lighter!

Minari ParamotorSmaller footprint, but not smaller pilot!
Even though the TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet’s overall wheelbase length and width are shorter, the actual frame size where the pilot sits is exactly the same size as the regular TrikeBuggy Bullet, making this as comfortable a ride as the original! The rear axle simply uses the smaller, more abbreviated axle which also includes the Slider feature! The Bullet’s frame is simple and solid. It is sleek and racy, giving the pilot a protective cage that will protect the pilot from contact with the ground in case of a rollover.

The TrikeBuggy Bullet uses an incredibly robust Stainless Steel Kite Buggyas the foundation for this unique PPG Trike. The new design allows the pilot to quickly dismount the motor for use as foot launch or to transport.

The Bullet also quickly disassembles for packing away, and accepts our new EyePod Fairings as well as having it’s own accessories such as Bullet A-Assists and Intuitive Foot Steering System made specially for this new cage design.

Minari ParamotorThe Bullet also incorporates our latest innovation – theTrikeBuggy Low Hangpoint System. This allows the use of virtually any paraglider whether it has trimmers or not. The risers are positioned much lower than most PPG Trikes, bringing the brake position down to a comfortable reach for even the shortest pilots. This system is unique in the industry, since it allows the pilots to use their regular paraglider without making modifications to it.

The Low Hangpoint System is also noteworthy because it literally ties the paraglider to the Buggy, eliminating the need for any kind of harness system. You simply sit down and fasten your seat belt and go fly!

The low CG (center of gravity) is the same as the other TrikeBuggies, since we are using the same low seat and comfortable reclined seat position made possible by the Buggy. At 7″ off the ground, this is the lowest pilot seat of any ultralight aircraft available today.

The TrikeBuggy Bullet has one more distinguishing feature – it includes the Bullet A-Assists at no additional charge. These great accessories make the inflation of the wing a snap, with no input needed from the pilot! Simply hook up the A-Assists and watch your glider come up evenly every time (well almost!). The glider gets the best chance at a perfect inflation, since the A-Assists always pull evenly on the A risers.

TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet PPG Trike

The TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet Features:

  • Made from Chromed Stainless Steel and Chromed Steel
  • Bullet Styling is Sleek & Sexy
  • New “Cage” design is more protective
  • Includes new “Low Hangpoint” design
  • Includes Bullet A-Assists
  • Extremely low Center of Gravity
  • Shorter & Narrower PPG TrikeBuggy
  • Made for Lighter Motors & Pilots
  • Ask about our various wheel options!
  • Weight with Standard Narrow Wheels (as shown right): 60 lbs.

When assembled, the TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet V3.2 is 63″ long (tip to tip on tires) and 46″ wide, but the Slider axles can be shortened to less than 34″ wide!

Part 2 of the Combo: Minari Paramotor

Minari ParamotorThis Minari Paramotor is ideal for use with the TrikeBuggy, it is powerful, reliable and light enough to be used with the shorter wheelbas of the TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet.

For pilots wanting a Paramotor to also use for foot launching, the optional color coordinated arness is also available. Foot launching pilots will find the Minari Paramotor very familiar and well balanced with the weight-shift Side Arms and comfortable harness of this machine. When you’re ready to trike, the harness can be easily removed for use with the TrikeBuggy.

The Minari engine is easy to start, idles nicely and has a very smooth range of power. It has easy access to the midrange thrust which is great for cruising. Wrap this motor up to full power and experience one of the most powerful paramotor engines avilable today!

Minari ParamotorMinari Paramotors has designed a four-part aluminum cage that helps to ensure the highest possible safety. Its construction provides shock dissipation so that the impact energy is spread throughout the frame which improves security and protects the engine against damage. The Cage sections are easily disassembled and organized in the included Cage Section Transport Bag.

From 23kg, it has an excellent power to weight ratio. The 180cc Minari Engine boasts a very impressive 75+kg of static thrust, which is enough to get anybody off the ground with little effort. For even more power, we offer the 200cc Minari F1-M9 CL engine version.

Minari paramotors come in a choice of five stunning colors (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange) on the five piece light weight sturdy aluminum black frame.

TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet & Minari Paramotor Combo – Powerful, Reliable, Lightweight!

  • TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet V3.2
  • Narrow Wheels Standard
  • Minari Paramotor Frame & Cage
  • Minari F1-M9 Paramotor Engine (180cc)
  • Minari Custom Throttle with Cruise Control
  • Custom Wooden Propeller
  • 12 Liter Fuel Tank for endless fun!
  • Black Frame with Five Color choices for Cage
  • Cage Section Transport Bag
  • Paraglider NOT included
  • Harness NOT included (optional)
  • Great options listed below

See more pictures of the Minari Paramotor HERE!

Minari Paramotor

Minari Paramotor

TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet & Minari 180cc Paramotor Combo – $7345

TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet & Minari 200cc Paramotor Combo – $7645


  • TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet V3.2
  • Standard Narrow or 30cm Wheeleez Wheels
  • Minari 180cc or 200cc Paramotor
  • Minari Cage Bag
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Wooden 125cm Propeller

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Engine Size

180 cc, 200 cc


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