Jacob Hildebrand

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Pilot: Jacob Hildebrand

Profession & Advocation: Environmental Engineer who enjoys Triathlons and endurance sports in his spare time!

Rating: P2 (w/ HA, 360, FSL, and FL) with Peak to Peak Paragliding in 2012

Instructor: Kay Tauscher of Peak to Peak Paragliding

Residence: Lafayette, Colorado. 40 flights as of mid-August 2012

Wing: Nova-Ion Light 23

Harness: Gin Verso.

Reserve: Gin Yeti.

Total system weight: 23 lbs.

Highest altitude launch to date =10,000 msl (with density altitude = close to 12K), Kenosha Pass, CO. Enjoying higher wind reverse inflations and plan on Over Water course with Chris Santacroce in Fall of 2012.

Goals: trail run and fly off mountains (hike n’ fly the big stuff); gaining and improving upon my flying proficiency, with some grace and an emphasis on safety (as my instructor taught me!) at launch, in the air, and during landings.