Tandems flights flown in in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Paragliding flights are an enjoyable and educational introduction to the sport of paragliding. How does it work? Well, an United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) certified tandem pilot controls the wing while the passenger sits in a separate harness in front of the pilot.  They are attached by “spreader bars” that keeps them a slight distance apart. Pilots who fly tandem flights for Peak to Peak Paragliding are USHPA-certified tandem instructors and advanced pilots, which means they are certified to fly passengers on tandem/discovery flights. You will fill out a temporary membership form to make you a member of our National Organization for 30 days.


Once you purchase the tandem flight you will be able to book the day and time of your flight in the process.   All instructional fees including tandems are transferable but non-refundable unless prior arrangements have been made.

Individuals are often introduced to paragliding through a tandem flight that they purchase or that someone else purchases for them (like a Paragliding Gift Certificate). It’s an excellent way to be introduced to the sport, or to enjoy the sport without the stress of having to fly the glider yourself.

People take tandem ride after tandem ride because they enjoy the sense of freedom and pleasure it brings them!

Tandem flights can be purchased at any time of year, but most are flown between the months of March and October when the weather is the best for flying.  We offer tandem flights in North Boulder, Colorado (upon request). All instructional fees are non-refundable.

Contact us at 720.369.3080 (after April 22)  or 303.817.08030 anytime with questions.

Weight range is typically 100-230 lbs. Please let us know if any of the passengers are outside of this weight range.

Also please provide us with the names, ages, and weights of the individuals when you book the flight.


For all tandem paragliding flights, please download, sign and return the following form.



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  1. Hi,
    I’m a pilot from Brazil, i’m going to stay a couple of days in Boulder and I’d like to fly, but did’t bring my gear… Do you have a En-B or lower dear to rent? My girlfriend wold do a tandem flight with you…

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