Paragliding Colorado

 Find us in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, the heart of Rocky Mountains.

At Peak to Peak Paragliding we offer…

  • Tandem flights
  • Guided paragliding tours to exotic destinations around the world
  • Sales of top-of-the-line paragliding equipment and gear

Our Instructors

Kay Tauscher, Paragliding InstructorKay Tauscher, founder, owner and operator of Peak to Peak Paragliding for over 15 years, has been flying since 2000. After finding paragliding at the age of 40, she quit her environmental consulting career of 17 years to pursue the job of her dreams.  She now is an Advanced USHPA instructor having taught many hundreds of people, a Commercial Tandem Pilot/Instructor, and a NOVA Paragliding Team Pilot.  She has instructed most of the finest pilots in the region.  She has flown and guided all over the world including Nepal, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Ecuador, Alaska, & Hawaii. She is known to have an impeccable safety record and is well known for her conservative, detail-oriented approach to technique and flying. She is direct, forthright and tries to keep the lessons fun-filled. She focuses on the individual learning style of each of her students and goes at whatever pace seems to work best for them. And mostly she is a patient instructor helping her students evolve to meet their potential.

Lawrence Wallman has been teaching flying of one kind or another for over 20 years. He is a former commercial pilot and flight instructor, an USHPA advanced Instructor and Tandem Pilot. Lawrence began paragliding in 1993 and hang gliding in 1999. He is a gentle personality with a keen wit and eye for detail. He became an USHPA certified instructor in 2003 and attended the course alongside Kay Tauscher. Although a resident of Seattle for most of the year, we plan to have him full time in Boulder by Spring 2018.  He is a kiting/ground handling master, and an expert on paragliding theory.


Peak to Peak Paragliding has one of the best safety records for a school.  Owner Kay Tauscher, an Advanced USHPA instructor, is known internationally as being a safe and thorough instructor. People travel from all over the US to learn to fly with her in Boulder, Colorado. We teach ratings according to the USHPA Proficiency Handbook.


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If you have any questions, you can reach us at 303.817.0803 or info@peaktopeakparagliding.com.


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